For nearly 30 years, The Picerne Group build its success upon the premise that acting in a socially responsible manner, with integrity and honesty, leads to personal success and a thriving community. Throughout these years, Ken Picerne made significant investments to help non-profits and people grow and achieve their goals so they could make their own contribution to a healthy society.  In 2004, he formed an independent, private operating foundation (501(c)(3)) to expand this work and apply The Picerne Group investment strategies to achieve its philanthropic ends.  The Picerne Family Foundation developed three innovative programs that it currently operates:

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Artist Outreach Project

The Artist Outreach Project gives experienced artists a chance to share their passion and expertise with people who might not otherwise have opportunities to enjoy the benefits of quality arts programs.

Giving Back Program

The Giving Back Program reinforces the longstanding commitment to helping develop healthy local communities where The Picerne Group invests. The Foundation contributes directly, and on an ongoing basis, to non-profit causes in these communities.

Global Sustainability Project

The Global Sustainability Project gives high school students the opportunity to actively engage in ecological sustainability, both locally and internationally.

“The Picerne Group has been tremendously successful and I feel privileged to be able to give back to the local community through the Picerne Family Foundation. Our mission is to develop and support innovative programs that give people opportunities to increase their abilities, knowledge, talent and understanding that they might not otherwise have.  These intensive programs enable recipients to create and sustain positive life changes.”

– Kenneth Picerne, Chairman