• Why The Picerne Group?

    The Picerne Group is a privately held, Southern California-based investment firm that focuses on real estate related investments and best-in-class asset management.

The Picerne Group has repeatedly adjusted its investment focus so as to take advantage of changing opportunities and to manage risk prudently. The Picerne Group’s investment track record and philosophy are based upon:

Having Impeccable Market Timing

Using extensive macro and micro-economic research, we have anticipated and insulated ourselves from every economic downturn over the past 25 years. As a result, neither our partners nor our capital providers nor our principals have ever lost money on any of our investments.

Being a True Investor

The Picerne Group’s principals invest meaningful cash equity in every one of our investments. We are relentless in our due diligence and execution. We never compromise our investment values. We have the luxury of meaningful liquidity, and therefore are motivated by our return on investment, not the fees we can earn from our partners and capital providers.

Being Relational, Not Transactional

We treat our partner’s and capital provider’s capital like our own and demonstrate the highest level of integrity at every stage of an investment’s life cycle. We form lasting relationships that presume repeat business, and keep that perspective in mind as we work through any issues that may arise.

Having Superior Asset Management

Because we invest for the long term, we remain focused on asset performance and operations. We continually evaluate market trends to assure that our projects are positioned to maximize our investment return.

Having a Best in Class Team

Every step of The Picerne Group’s investment and asset management process is managed by a team of seasoned industry professionals who have expertise in all of the relevant disciplines.